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ASSURE UGANDA(AU) is a national not-for-profit movement that was established on 7th December 2017 and is registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs department of Uganda National NGO BureauReg No INDR56954860NB.AU is comprised of young human and environmental rights defenders, students, academia, youth, youth groups and organizations seeking to enhance, promote and advocate for peace, justice, inclusion, accountability and action on Climate change. AU exists for realization of SDG 13, SDG 16+ and for agenda 2030 through advocacy, Participation, knowledge sharing, partnership, research,monitoring and evaluation. We believe that a peaceful world is upon the respect of inclusive societies, human rights, culture, good governance, democracy, and environmental sustainability for promotion and protection of civic space in Uganda.

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Our Vision

Active youth in building resiliency and advocacy on issues affecting peace, justice and our planet.

Our Mission

Nurturing and building a generation of young Human and environmental rights defenders that can stand up for what they believe is right, have the power to change what is wrong and be able to add value to society through inclusive, participative and consultative approaches to climate change, promote and protect peace and justice in Uganda.







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Our Principles

  • Ownership:

    we all have the responsibility to create solutions and implement activities towards achieving our mission and vision.
  • Integrity:

    Our workings for social justice, Good inclusive governance, democracy, equality as well as Human rights require integrity demand.
  • Inclusion:

    Assure Uganda strives to ensure young people regardless of sex orientation compete and be in leadership position without segregation. We are young! We will make it!
  • Change:

    We are working for change; a transformational change where young women are key drivers and attain social benefits for now and posterity.
  • Biodiversity:

    As mothers, we strive to reclaim the glory of and sustain our mother planet earth ensuring balance economy, society and environment.
  • Membership based:

    This is our key principle upon which ASSURE UGANDA is built. Passionate and inspired young peoples and young women contribute their knowledge, expertise and diverse perspectives which are absolutely critical to the success of ASSURE UGANDA (AU)

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