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Peace Building and Inclusion

Whether climate crisis or freedoms and rights crisis all potentially increase conflict and shrinking civic space in Uganda. War consumes life, leads to poverty, destroys property, hinders development, breeds long-term hatred not only between individuals but also countries as well as continents, it causes hunger to both civilians and the army in the battle. The absence of peace in a society is the absence of development. “NO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT PEACE AND NO PEACE WITHOUT SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” Assure Uganda has been implementing projects to Sustainable peace through inclusion strategies such as direct or indirect participation, influence or representation. We advocate for and promote every voice to be legitimate in building and demanding social accountability, clean democracy systems, freedoms and rights for sustainable peace and development.The goal of this program to develop resilience against any form ofsocial instability and shrinking civic space in Ugandathrough advocacy, training, workshop, facilitation, dialogue, mediation, and other peacebuilding processes.

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