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Monitoring and Evaluation.

In September 2015, United Nations (UN) member states adopted the “Agenda 2030.” Despite Uganda being among the first countries to integrate the agenda in its national planning frameworks, the implementation is always marred by corruption. There are a few indicators that Uganda will achieve the agenda “Let No one behind” We have been monitoring the implementation of SDGs specifically on SDGs 13 and 16 and the indicators is that Uganda has scored poorly. There has been over the years rampant corruption, violations of human rights and freedom where many defenders were arrested and some killed, violating the constitution of Uganda where the president pushed for life presidency, wetlands drained that also led to the raising of water bodies forests cleared for farming, and so on.

Assure Uganda launched a campaign "Building a responsive demanding citizen for sustainable peace and development" The campaign trains and launches localized networks of “AGENDA 2030” defenders to monitor and evaluate and demand accountability from the government by building resilience on delivering results that positively impact citizens byidentifying trends, measures changes, and captures knowledge to improve SDGs performance and increase transparency. We shallcontinuouslymonitor and evaluatee process that provided feedback to programme interventions and contributed to knowledge creation and management.

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