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ASSURE UGANDA is a young people led not for profit movement that is seeking to enhance...
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Youth Unprecedented unemployment has caused a great damage to the environment in Uganda.
Land for settlement and agriculture in Kigezi is leading to mass deforestation at the look of Authorities.
Enhancing the Understanding of Democracy and good governance among the young people.



ASSURE UGANDA is a young people led not for profit movement that is seeking to enhance, promote and advocate for peace, justice, and action on Climate change. There is no doubt that the world relies on the old adage; "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."

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Youth for Earth Project

Wetland degradation has been a severe environmental problem since the 1970s despite the multiple values wetlands provide. Wetlands are a source of clean water, fodder, construction materials, and they sustain biodiversity. The natural resources obtained from wetlands enhance human health, livelihood and survival, and provide important economic, social and ecological benefits to present and future generations.

Enhancing the Understanding of Democracy

We hope that through the rules and principles of soccer where every act and mistake is accounted for and punishable or rewarded, the girls can apply the same through electoral process till through and after their terms in office as leaders now and in the future. Our teachings, trainings and advocacy will focus on principles of football/ soccer.

Together We can Breathe Project

Together we can Bbreathe is a four-year project of ASSURE UGANDA(AU) was launched.The project is calling for global togetherness through unique approaches. The terrifying words of George Floyd, as he was pinned to the ground by a white American policeman in an illegal act of police violence and extra-judicial murder in Minnesota on May 25th 2020 propelled global demand for Unity in diversity.

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we believe that a peaceful world is upon the respect of human rights, culture, good governance, democracy, justice, and environmental sustainability.