Who are we?

Mercy Melody Kayodi is Assure Uganda’s First Principal Executive Director (2017-2021. She is an advocate for youth engagement in governance processes and development, educationist, advocate for Climate, Economic and Social Justice. She shaped the current direction of Assure Uganda. Her advocacy and strategic guidance to a number of young people’s initiatives has seen hundreds and thousands of young people brought together to support one another to cause desired change for development. Mercy Melody Kayodi, currently works as UN Youth Volunteer Youth and Innovation Programs Officer with UNDP in Kampala.

Victoria Abigaba: She worked as Executive Director Assure Uganda (AU) (2021-2022). She is community psychologist with vast experience and exposure in civic programs and project management.

Anna Atuhaire is the current Director of Programs at Assure Uganda. She is young talented woman, dedicated and passionate advocate for gender equality, peace and climate justice. With extensive experience in leadership and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing women today, she is committed to empowering young women and general young people to achieve their full potential especially in promoting sustainable development.

Her interest as an educationist revolves around advancing inclusive education especially for teenage mothers and children or girls in street situations and climate change education. Anna holds a masters of educational research from Moi university, Kenya and a post graduate diploma in monitoring and evaluation. She has exercised her leadership in various organizations as programslead, researcher, monitoring and evaluation consultant, educationist and chief of operations.

Mbabazi Deo Oburye is the founder and Volunteer President Assure Uganda (AU). He is a social scientist by profession and is dedicated about peace, justice, and community development, fostering positive change in Uganda and beyond. He sits on boards of various pro-democracy, Peace, human rights and community development initiatives among others; Grassroots Defenders Network (GRADENET), Uganda Youth Coalition for SDGs and he is co-founder Community Change and Transformation Initiative (COTI). He is the brain behind a five year “Together We Can Breathe” a campaign calling for global oneness for diversity other than similarities and “Youth for Earth” a campaign mobilizing and engaging young people to conserve mother earth and take action on climate change. Mbabazi Deo is an advocate for the consideration of African Union to G20 powers to make it G21(https://www.bpb.de/mediathek/video/512601/histovoices-deo-from-uganda/)